Len Kasper                                                 Rob Kurson

Len Kasper (41), the play-by-play announcer for the Chicago Cubs, and Rob Kurson (48), NY Times bestselling author of Shadow Divers, have achieved amazing results from their MetrixStrength workouts! Here they share the reasons they keep coming back for more!

Why MetrixStrength?
Len: The top-notch trainers help me get the most out of every workout and I love the convenience of the intense, short sessions only two times per week. I am noticeably stronger with each session-I don't need to spend 5 days in a gym to achieve the same results.

Rob: I appreciate the knowledge, input, and encouragement from the fantastic personal trainers. The intensity of each workout means I am in and out in 25 minutes!

Medical Improvements Resulting from MetrixStrength?
Rob: Last week, I received lab results from my annual physical. My blood work-top-to-bottom, was the best it's been since I was in college! My cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar have dropped significantly. The chronic back problems of more than 25 years have resolved. My energy throughout the day is boosted and I'm much stronger than I was 30 years ago.

Life-Enhancing Benefits from MetrixStrength?
Len: I work out first thing in the morning and I'm more productive mentally and physically on Metrix days. My posture has improved and I have more back strength and overall flexibility. Plus, my core muscles are noticeably more toned and defined.

Rob: I go through my days without back pain for the first time since I can remember. I love going to zoos with my family. Before Metrix, I could stand for about 20 minutes before needing to lie down on a bench to rest my back (unpleasant if done near the penguin exhibit-they are very smelly!). Last visit, I walked for three hours without needing to stop at all. I attribute that to the core, back, and torso work I do at Metrix. I also find that I have more energy throughout the day and improved sleep at night.

What Len and Rob Tell Their Friends About Metrix:*
Len: MetrixStrength is the best workout regimen I've ever done and I recommend it to everyone.There's no downside-it's safe, efficient, targeted to specific areas. The staff is wonderful, supportive, and extremely helpful and is focused solely on your well-being.

Rob: No one needs to live in a gym or commit long hours to resistance training to find superior, even amazing results. One or two sessions a week can change a person's life. I have done significant research, and science continually suggests that the slow resistance training done at Metrix is safe, effective, and perhaps more important, sustainable. Because Metrix asks just 25 minutes from me, in a spotless, bright, and friendly environment, I find myself looking forward to my workouts rather than dreading them-a first in my history of seeking improved fitness and strength.

*Both Len's and Rob's best friends, Pam Kasper and Amy Kurson, also strength train at Metrix!